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Contact name   Fruit     Cabbage  
  Avocados per fruit   Spring Cabbage per veg
Company name   Sharron Fruit per fruit   Pointed Cabbage  per veg
  Fresh Dates lb   Savoy Cabbage per veg
Address   Medjool Dates lb   Red Cabbage per veg
  Prickly Pears per fruit   White Cabbage per veg
  Rhubarb lb   Potatoes  
  Pomegranate per fruit   Maris Piper lb
  Passion Fruit per fruit   Baking lb
PostCode   Bananas per fruit   New Potatoes lb
  Dried fruit packet   Jersey Royal lb
Email address   shelled nuts  packet   Sweet Potatoe lb
  TOPFRUIT     Red Potatoes lb
Telephone   USA Red Apples per fruit   Cyprus (dirty) lb
  Golden Delicious per fruit   Mediterranean Vegtables
Requested delivery date   Granny Smith per fruit   Courgettes lb
  Royal Gala per fruit   Aubergine per item
Additional Information   Breaburn per fruit   Red Pepper per item
  Pink Lady per fruit   Yellow Pepper per item
  Fuji Apples per fruit   Green Pepper  per item
  Coxes per fruit   Orange Pepper per item
  Bramleys per fruit   Root Vegtables  
  Chinese Pears per fruit   Parsnip lb
Type the quantities you require in the green boxes.The quantity should be for individual items unless indicated by weight (kilograms or grams)   Williams Pear per fruit   Sweed lb
  Conference Pear per fruit   Turnip lb
  Comice Pears per fruit   Carrot lb
Imperial Measures   CITRUS     Soup Mix Pack packet
Here are some common weight conversions if you prefer to use pounds (lb) and ounces (oz).   Large Oranges per fruit   English Onion lb
  Medium Oranges per fruit   Spanish Onion lb
1oz 28g 8oz 300g 1lb 500g
  Clementines per fruit   Shallots lb
5lb 2.5kg 10lb 5kg    
  Satsumas per fruit   Celeriac per item
    Pink Grapefuit per fruit   Red Onion lb
Payment Method   White Grapefruit per fruit   banana shallots lb
  Lemons  per fruit   Tomatoes  
  Limes  per fruit   Tomatoes lb
  Pomelos per fruit   Beef Tomatoes lb
  Physalis packet   Cherry Tomatoes lb
  Melons     Vine Tomatoes lb
  Galia per fruit   Cherry Vine Tomatoes punnet
  Honeydew per fruit   Plum Tomatoes lb
    Cantaloupe per fruit   Cherry Plum Tomatoes punnet

Free delivery for orders over £12.00 to the following areas:
Mill Hill
Burnt Oak
Golders Green

  Watermelon per fruit   Yellow Cherry Tomatoes punnet
  Piel de Sapo per fruit   Salad  
  Tropical Fruit     Cucumber per item
  Mango per fruit   Mini Cucumber lb
  Paw Paw per fruit   Iceberg Lettuce per item
  Pineapple  per fruit   Round Lettuce per item

Delivery's Monday to Friday or by special arrangement with Andrew.

  Passion Fruit per fruit   Cos Lettuce per item
  Lychees  per fruit   Baby Gem Lettuce per item
    Prickly Pears per fruit   Chicory per item
    Giant Paw Paw per fruit   Mixed Lettuces bag
    Soft Fruit     Radiccio per item
    Red Plums  lb   Rocket bag
    Yellow Plums lb   Spring Onions bunch
    Red Seedless Grape bunch   Radishes bunch
    Green Seedless Grape bunch   Mustard Cress punnet
    Kiwi per fruit   Coleslaw packet
    Nectarine per fruit   Herb's  
    Peaches per fruit   Flat Parsley packet
    Fig Fruit per fruit   Corriander packet
    Cherries lb   Mint packet
    Apricots lb   Dill packet
    Greengages lb   Basil packet
    gooseberries lb   Rosemary packet
    Berries     Galic  bulb
    Raspberries punnett   Ginger bulb
    Strawberries punnett   Thyme packet
    Blueberries punnett   Chives packet
    Blackberries punnett   Watercress packet
    Redcurrents punnett   Green Chillies packet
    Fruit Baskets      Red Chillies packet
    Medium   Eggs  
    Large    Free Range Eggs 6  or 12
    Vegtables     White 6 or 12
    Asparagus  bunch   Flowers  
    Artichokes per veg   White Lillies bunch
    French Beans  packet   Pink Lillies bunch
    Sugar Snap packet   Mixed Bunch bunch
    Mangetout packet   Red Rose bunch
    Baby Corn packet   Yellow Rose bunch
    Beansprouts packet   Pink Rose bunch
    Corn on the Cob packet   Iris bunch
    Chinese Leaf per veg   Freesia bunch
    Cauliflower per veg   Tulips  bunch
    Broccoli per veg   Daffodils bunch
    Butternut Squash per veg   Stock bunch
    Pumpkin per veg   Lisianthus bunch
    Leek  lb        
    Marrow per veg        
    Brussel Sprout lb        
    Kohlrabi lb        
    Fennel per veg        
    Peas lb        
    Mushroom  lb        
    Flat Mushroon lb        
    Celery per veg        
    Spinach packet        
    Cooked Beetroot packet        
    Raw Beetroot lb        
    Peeled  Butternut Squash packet        
    Asparagus Tips packet